Ice hockey slap shot tips

11 June 2019, Tuesday
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The slap shot is an important part of any hockey game. When performing a slap shot, the hockey stick is aggressively slapped (nearly as hard as you can) and bent on the ice. Invest time into getting proper slapshot form, and then try out these tips to see how much speed you can add to your shot.

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- This will help the puck rise off the ice. The slap shot is the most powerful and exciting shot in hockey. A vital aspect in maximizing your slapshot power is understanding where the power comes from. I try to come down a bit before the puck so the blade hits the ice first allowing for max flex then drive through. Bend your knees and push off with your back leg to really drive into the shot.

Slapshot Tips - Where Slapshot Power Comes From

- However, most of the time, the slap shot ends up hitting the boards. If you are to use the slap shot, you need to develop accuracy. The truth is that the arms are only one of many places you should obtain power from for a powerful slapshot. The purpose of the snap shot is to combine the main advantages of the wrist shot (shot accuracy and quick delivery) and slap shot (puck speed). When you wind up you will be turning your upper body away from the net, then during the downswing you will be rotating back towards the net. Try hitting the ice further back, and see if you notice a difference. In summary in order to have a powerful slapshot you should make sure you are using proper form, and understand where slapshot power comes from.
More tricks, and use strength from your shoulders and core muscles to add power to the shot. Your arms and hands, rotate your upper body, a snap shot is an abbreviated wrist shot in ice hockey. I also have made a quick list below the video. And more drills to help elevate your hockey game on our website. I have summed up the points below. Consequently, think of it as if you are shooting the puck down into the ice. Hi Jeremy, a few more tips that have helped me improve my slapshot involve using different parts of the body to build power. Draw your stick back to around shoulder level and your weight should shift to your back leg. Placement of puck in relation to your body or stance. And really lean on your stick. Try hitting the ice about 10 inches behind the puck. These tips should help you understand how to get more power from your shot. All the videos are really nice and I have seen my shot improve greatly. However, and maybe improve a few things you could have been doing wrong. G If you have a powerful shot already.

Snap your wrists when your stick strikes the puck.

If you have any slapshot tips be sure to add them in the comments section below. If you are new to hockey, you may want to read how to take a slapshot, practice a lot, and then return here.

Remember to roll your wrists in the follow through for a bit of extra power, and better accuracy. A lot of the power generated from your arms comes from the biceps and triceps. Normally in line or behind your front foot.

The stick is usually not lifted higher than the knee during the shot, which makes this shot legal in most old-timer hockey leagues despite its rapid pace. Citation needed References edit External links edit).